Super Boost Your Immunity

Feel Empowered from the Inside Out

A Yoga Journey to more Vitality and Resilience in your Immune Wellness

6 Week Video Course: Starts April 26th, 2021

  • Super Boost Immunity

    6 Week Course


Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation Sessions: 60+ Minutes each
(5 videos and 1 live session)

+ Worksheets to accompany each session 
+ Comprehensive list of optimal Immunity Boosters including Superfoods, Herbs, Lifestyle and more!

You’re in the right place if ANY of these sound like you:

-You are not sure how to take charge of your immune system

-You are concerned about Covid

-You are feeling tired, anxious or depressed

-You have compromised immunity, or auto immune conditions

-You want more tools to support your loved ones

-You’re not clear on how Yoga is the best practice for Immune support

-You are ready to boost and heal your Immune system

-You do not want another ‘Yoga challenge’

-You could do with group support

Build a Powerful Immune System to Stay Healthy for Life
with these Eight Transformational Outcomes:


  • Improved immunity

  • Improved health

  • Faster recovery

  • Faster healing from illness

  • Inner peace

  • Better sleep

  • Feel and look young

How it works

Watch the free session to get sense of what Super Boost Your Immunity can offer you. Feel free to message me using the chat feature if you have any questions.

1. Watch Free Taster

Enroll on the course. Once you have paid you will become a member - you'll get a welcome email with everything you need to know and access to your member page, join the Facebook group.

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The members area has all the course info, videos and worksheets. You can chat with me and others directly in the members chat. I'll be in touch to let you now about the live session.

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"I have an autoimmune condition and I was looking for something to help me during lockdown when I felt very stuck. Sasha’s course gave me so much energy and I learned new techniques and mindsets to overcome stuckness and fear over my immune health. It was lovely to connect with a supportive community at such an isolating time"

— Anna

Are You Ready?

Super Boost Your Immunity

Course Modules

All videos are available in members area for life

Week 1

Breath-work Super Boost

Opening the Body for Vital Breath

5 Pranayamas

Week 2

Hatha Yoga Super Boost

Aligning Earth and Sky

Grounding & Centering

Week 3

Kundalini Yoga Super Boost

Aura Strengthening & Detox 

Immune Boosting Meditation

Week 5

Yin Yoga Super Boost

Stress Release & Vital Nourishment

Balancing Immune Meridians

Week 4

Somatic Flow Yoga Super Boost

Fluid Movement Prayer

Lymphatic Circulation

Week 6 - LIVE

Restorative Yoga & Visualisation Super Boost

Deep Rest, Relaxation, and Self/CollectiveHealing

Free Taster Session

(Taken from week 1: Pranayama Super Boost - 20 mins)

Get over 6 hours of super boost video, packed with vital information.
Also get access to an active facebook group

Contact Sasha for NHS discount and 50% off when booking with a friend.


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