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I invite you to come back home to yourself. Arriving into your breath and centering into your body. 

I have been facilitating Yoga and Meditation for nearly 10 years. Teaching classes, private clients, workshops and retreats in London and Internationally. I also hold concerts of Sacred Music Internationally.

My training and experience in Yoga and movement practice ranges from Kundalini, to Hatha, Yin, Kirtan, Mindfulness, Flow, Restorative and 5 Rhythms Dance. 

I come from a background in Psychology, Somatic Awareness, and Arts, as well as studies in Ayurveda, Astrology, Kabbalah and Shamanic traditions. I've learned and trained from California and Mexico to India and Bali. Learning from ordinary people and top Gurus and teachers internationally. It's really such a blessing to be able to share the wisdom of my teachers as well as my own insights, practices and experiences over the years with you!

I have the gift of being an intuitive and am passionate about being part of a person's transformational journey. I have also been on quite a transformational journey!

Teaching so many different people - all ages, women throughout their pregnancy, those in addiction and cancer recovery, musicians, yoga teachers, insomniacs, surfers and celebrities, has inspired me to be more insightful as a teacher.

Most of our frustration and ill health in life comes from not being connected authentically to ourselves and others, community and environment. 

In my classes and workshops we are working in to work out. I keep it simple.  

Having lived part of my life being completely connected to the rhythms of nature and the ocean, I weave aspects of this experience into class.

In recent years I have specialized in Yin Yoga with emphasis on deep restoration of the body, which I feel is much needed in our current busy multitasking lives! 

My approach as a teacher is grounded, playful, compassionate, and spiritually empowering.

In a private class I tailor my breadth of skills to your specific needs. 

Other things about me - I love music and singing, surfing, writing, husky dogs, pink skies, being in nature, the ocean and flowers!
















Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are revolutionary because they are practices for everyone. It is all inclusive. Whether you are an office worker, an athlete, a mom, student, have no time or lots of time, a ballerina or geek. It's a practice that not only helps you, but also helps others, the community and environment around you. 

Yoga is an empowering, healing, revitalising, and calming practice for 

men, women, and children, and is non- competitive. 

We work with the breath, and explore our edges physically, 

psychologically and authentically in a safe environment.


                       Private & Group Sessions
         London/Tulum/Los Angeles

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"I feel so relaxed and looked after. Sasha
is genuinely lovely and always inspires
with grounded spirituality"
Paula, London
"I went through a really emotional year,
this wasn't known to Sasha, yet,
she addressed exactly what I needed
and my body and soul was so grateful!"
Joanne, London
"We had fun, and in the process I learned to trust my body"                         Emilio, Tulum
"I was hesitant to go to yoga class, that's why I opted for private sessions. I was not your typical fit, toned Yogi. Sasha helped me through any issues I was having and now I'm a regular Yogi!"
     Melanie, Los Angeles

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